Sunday, October 19, 2008

And ... it's Fall!

Went for a drive yesterday afternoon, in an attempt to avoid all the things I should have taken care of at home [read domestic goddess duties].

Along the route I took, I found a craft & antique show, some country shops full of hand-hewn knick knacks, a wondrous veggie market, and some beautiful autumnal coloring. Didn't get my dusting or vacuuming done, but still a day full of accomplishment.

May we each find a route that's entertaining and colorful on our way back home.

— Bonz

Friday, October 3, 2008

Dipping my toes in

Yes. You have it here, folks. Actual proof that some part of my body actually touched wild, natural, free water this past summer. Not just the bathtub, nor the shower in the privacy of my home, but actual real live, Ogopogo-filled LAKE water!

Here is the spot where the momentous occasion went down ... on the beach by Okanagan Lake. Nothing particularly special about the day, other than I was there on holidays for the week.

We would be moving my mom into her new condo the following morning, but on that day we didn't have anything better to do but wait for the movers. So my sis, her kids, as well as a friend & her kids, and myself presented ourselves to the sand and warm sun for a fabulous day by the water. I even managed to get a little tan on my flesh, even as my sister had slathered me with the highest spf tanning lotion possible.

While the kids played in the water, my sister & her friend took out their notebooks and began setting goals for themselves. It was all very self-affirming, but I'd brought along a good book to read and so immersed myself in that. Saving the personal self-reflection and introspection for a rainy day ...

We even had a little visitor come by, begging for treats. Those beach ducks are perfectly brazen! But getting back to the purpose of this post ...

At some point I grew tired of reading and listening to the other two with their shrewd goal planning, so I set the book aside and got up to stretch my legs. The gentle lapping of the water drew me to the shoreline. The kids assured me the water was warm, but I was still hesitant. The last time I'd swam in an uncontrolled water environment [read: lake], a baby's full diaper had floated by me ...

Then I made the big mad crazy leap, and walked into the water.

And took this picture.

— Bonz

Missing in Action

It's been several months since I posted anything here. No reason other than general laziness ... which I'm trying to overcome! Hello, Queen of Procrastination here.

Where'd the spring/summer go? I can't believe how fast the days fly now that I am this age ... I spent several weeks over the summer in Kelowna, visiting mom and sister & her family there. And as much as I love them, am always thankful when I drive back over the mountain range that separates us and get back home again. Distance brings a family closer together! ;p

Something new in my life ...

At the end of July I traded my lil' Echo hatchback in at the Toyota dealership for a 2008 Yaris sedan. It's more car (hello trunk space!) with the same kind of gas mileage, and is fully under warranty for another 5 years, so I'm happy. But I miss my lil' Echo and how I could scoot around town doing errands. The Yaris means I have to drive more like an adult. ;p

Funny story ... when I was dealin' at the dealership, I told the salesman "ANYTHING but red!" Out of my last 4 vehicles, 3 were red just by happenstance. And red isn't even a favorite color of mine, so enough is enough! The salesman went off to look on the computer and came back a long time later with this sick look on his face. I wondered - is my credit no good? Deal fall through? What?! And he said, "If you want to walk away from the deal now, I won't blame you ..."

WHAT??! Wouldn't you know it, in all of the province and all of the dealerships, there was only two cars with the features that I wanted ... one was an ugly purply-blue, and the other? RED!

God works in mysterious ways.

So once again, I drive a red car.

— Bonz