Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Party Season!

Ah 'tis the season! For scrumptious food and fun times and good company ... like today when our staff closed the office and had lunch together!

Wished I would have taken more pictures, as there's a whole other table in the background with the other half of our staff, spouses included.

We had a great time at a local Greek food restaurant (I'm still breathing out the garlic!), which included some fun games, some door prizes, and a nice parting gift for each one. Thanks, boss and boss's wife!

When I hear about other people's work lives and how so many have problems with their jobs or maybe with co-workers, I feel so blessed to work in such a great environment like I do, with such awesome people.

If Christmas was the season for counting my blessings, I'd count my job and my co-workers right at the top of the list!

— Bonz

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Birthday Blog!

Yep, it's not bad enough that I turned forty-something-something this day, but it had to SNOW! Jeez, like I haven't suffered enough this year ...

It was a nice day all around. Meet with some of my friends for a great breakfast at our usual place - ABC Restaurant - and had our usual ... the Bacon 'n Chedder Benny, with the deep-fried potatoes. Yeah, not on my diet plan, but WHO CARES!? IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!! ;p

I have a great circle of friends who are all such a blessing to me. All are married women, some are even (young) grandmas, but we always have a good time, lots of laughs, and I know that even with their own busy lives, would have my back in an instant if I asked for it.

After breakfast, we all went our separate ways for the day. I did a little jobbing around town but eventually made it home and have been hibernating ever since. I don't mind so much, even with it being my birthday and all ... I spent most of the afternoon and evening working on some Christmas cards as well as some ideas for Valentine's cards (I know, no time like the present, right?!). Since there wasn't much on the telly, I've been listening to the local country music station, and with all the road reports they've been giving, I'm glad I'm safely at home and not out in the snow & the cold.

So my day has passed but it's been a good one ... time spent with special friends, some accomplishments made on various crafty projects, and letting my body try to recover from the nasty COLD I am currently experiencing! Cough cough, hack ...

Birthdays are *so* over-rated!

— Bonz