Saturday, May 12, 2007

A dizzy few days

On Wednesday morning I was at work, business as usual, or so I thought ... until a dizzy spell hit me around 9 AM just by the water cooler.

I sat at the table in the staff room with my head down, hoping that it would pass. No such luck. By about 10:30 it was so bad, I was starting to throw up, always a pleasant thing to do at work, in front of co-workers. Luckily my friend & co-worker Carol was there, and she took charge. Got me home (vomiting all the way), and then came back to check on me around 2:30, at which time I was so bad off that I couldn't even walk or stand up.

So long story short, a call to the ambulance, a ride to the hospital (vomiting all the way again) and finally being admitted to the hospital for observation.

They put me on an iv so that I wouldn't get dehydrated, and put some Gravol in there as well so that I wouldn't be so nauseous. Which pretty much knocked me out for the rest of the day.
I got out the next morning and have pretty much laid low at home since then. I woke this morning with bad dizzy spells again, so I drugged myself up and stayed in bed all day. Nice waste of a beautifully SUNNY and warm weekend. Sigh.

Even reading & watching tv is too much for my out-of-focus eyeballs and swishy brain right now, although luckily I am able to keep down food. Like I ever go off my food, even when sick! One more day and then it's Monday, and I need to get back to normal & work, as I've got a lot on my desk to look after.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Virgin Post!

Since everyone I know seems to have jumped on the blogwagon, and I've found a lot of empty time on my hands lately, here I am. Sadly, I need to get a life!

I also should be working on my "writing" ... but as someone said today, "Why not WRITE in a BLOG?!" Good question. I wanna be a "writer", but I give myself no time to spend in the craft. So maybe this will be a good way for me to kick-start myself.

Or just another good way to procrastinate.